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Unger nLITE® Hybrid Brush Complete

Unger nLITE® Hybrid Brush Complete

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Outstanding down to the last detail!

The Unger nLITE® line of brushes are designed to allow you to tackle any cleaning challenge with confidence. With the bristles spread out, water can freely flow along the glass surface. They scrub away the dirt so that the Pure Water can rinse it away—without chemicals!

The Unger nLITE® Hybrid Brush Complete is for heavily soiled windows. Solar panels and window fronts in particular are exposed to weather on a daily basis, which can cause stubborn dirt deposits to form. To remove these impurities thoroughly and effectively, Unger has developed the hybrid brush.

Stubborn dirt has no chance against the combination of wild boar and synthetic bristles, supported by Power Bristle technology.

This product comes as a complete unit with all shown in the picture: brush, flushing rinse bar, integrated nozzle block, hose with connectors, and swivel lock single-click connection. It’s ready to attach to the Unger Generation 2 nLITE® waterpoles.

Use caution and proper brush maintenance when cleaning solar panels.


  • 11 or 16 inch block
  • Ultimate cleaning performance
  • Easier gliding and less weight than all-natural bristles
  • Wild board bristles on(more...)
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