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Unger UniTec Aluminum Telescopic Extension Pole (2-section)

Unger UniTec Aluminum Telescopic Extension Pole (2-section)

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Unger quality at an economic price!

The Unger UniTec Aluminum Telescopic Extension pole features solid anodized, extruded-drawn aluminum sections and twist-to-lock collars that are not replaceable. Merely twist the whole pole to lock or unlock the sections. It comes with an Unger Cone Adapter (NCA00). This pole tip does not include the locking button like the ErgoTec tip.

Work safely from the ground, eliminating the need for climbing or ladders!

How long is this pole?

The Unger UniTec 2-section pole comes in three different sizes. The size listed is the fully EXTENDED LENGTH. To figure out the collapsed length, divide the listed size by three and add about 10 inches to account for the pole tip and collar.

Example: The 6.5 foot pole would collapse down to about 36 inches.

What tools fit onto this pole?

The Unger Cone Adapter (NCA00) is the pole tip that comes on the end of the UniTec pole. It attaches in two different ways:

Friction fit

The top of the pole tip is tapered. This allows you to attach tools (like most window cleaning tools) with a fr(more...)

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